The Issue

Uncorrected Refractive Error is a significant public health issue, especially in Low and Middle-Income Countries(LMICs), because of limited availability and affordability of eye care services, and a general lack of awareness for the need of eye health by governments and consumers alike.

Almost a billion people globally live with vision loss, simply because they do not have access to glasses.


Global economy lost in productivity each year due to vision impairment.


People affected by moderate or severe vision impairment caused by blurry vision.


Leading cause of blindness, following cataract.


Of people living with vision loss come from LMICs.

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We believe that together we can solve the problem of Uncorrected
Refractive Error
once and for all.

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Our diversity
makes us stronger

In 2019, 22 organizations came together to form the Coalition for Clear Vision. These organizations represent many aspects of the eye health sector: businesses that manufacture and sell glasses and related services, social entrepreneurs, industry bodies, and nonprofit organizations.


We are about
systems change

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With a systems approach, we work towards strategically changing the vision care system and market. By leveraging our collective resources and knowledge, we collaborate across private, public and nonprofit sectors to scale solutions addressing Uncorrected Refractive Error.


Change happens at the speed of trust

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starts with us

We are part of the system that is failing a billion people today. We recognize that we need to be the change we want to see in others.

Through joint understanding, knowledge management, and real time strategy development, the Coalition facilitates integrated perspective, over the individual, partial views of members, and leads to a shared systemic theory of change.