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    The Coalition for Clear Vision

    Almost a billion people globally live with vision loss, simply because they do not have access to eyeglasses. The Coalition aims to facilitate the development of strategies, local and national alliances, and country-level eco-systems to solve the problem of Uncorrected Refractive Error at scale in ways that members cannot do alone.

    Members at the global level develop strategies that get adopted and adapted to local context for country-level coalitions to solve the problem of URE. With presence in more than one country, our global members play a crucial part of the coalition.

    For any further details on TCCV and membership, please contact Mr. Pavel Richter at pavel.richter@tccv.org and +4915119645755.

    The Coalition for Clear Vision: India

    Currently, approximately 150 million people in India suffer from Uncorrected Refractive Error (URE). The increasing numbers pose a threat to India's economy and progress towards development. Led by Vivek Srivastava (hyperlinked), TCCV India aims to address this pressing issue.

    While various research studies on URE have been conducted in India, the data remains fragmented. TCCV India aims to work towards increased demand and strengthened supply mechanisms to increase the availability and accessibility of URE services.

    For any further details on the Coalition and membership, please contact Mr. Srivastava at vivek.srivastava@tccv.org and +91 9958945554

    The Coalition for Clear Vision: Kenya

    One of the greatest barriers to effective interventions in Kenya is the lack of reliable data on the current URE landscape. Additionally, the non-prioritization of URE services, resulting from their inadequate integration into other eye health programs, poses another significant obstacle to scalability.

    Recognizing the urgent need to address URE and leveraging the existing ecosystem of stakeholders and partnerships, TCCV Kenya aims to strengthen collaborative efforts in generating demand and accelerating services targeting URE. TCCV Kenya is led by Elizabeth Muchoki.

    For any further details on TCCV and membership, please contact Ms. Muchoki at Elizabeth.muchoki@tccv.org and +254722635429